How to Play Weihnachtslotterie

Just like the famous Spanish Christmas Lottery, known as ‘El Gordo de Navidad’, the German Christmas lottery is a raffle rather than a lottery draw. A five-digit raffle code is printed on each ticket, which players can buy ahead of the draw. The draw of the winning raffle codes will be shown live on television in Germany.

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When the draw takes place, two machines are used. One holds the winning numbers, and the other displays a prize value. A ball is drawn from each machine at the same time so that players can instantly see how much they have won.

There are 99,999 different number combinations, but each number can be printed multiple times to ensure there are enough tickets for everyone who wants to play.

Prizes in a Ticket Series

The five digits on each ticket range from 00000 to 99999. Every ticket will be sold as part of a series with one series consisting of 99,500 tickets. The more series of tickets are sold, the more winners there will be. In every series, there will be a main winner and a certain number of winners in the remaining prize tiers.

Visit the Prizes page to find out what you can win by playing the German Christmas Lottery.

Take part in the German Christmas Lottery now

You can buy your tickets online up until the day of the draw. Ticket sales close on December 26th at 2pm CET. After the draw you can check on the Results page to find out whether you have won.