German Christmas Lottery Prizes

Find all the information you need about the prizes you can win when you play the German Christmas Lottery. The lottery is a raffle – you win with the correct raffle code on your ticket.

Prize tiers and prize amounts

All prizes are per series and there are 100.000 raffle tickets in one series. That means that in each series of tickets, you can win the same prizes, so each series will have the same number of winners.

There are five prize tiers with a main prize of 300.000 Euro in the top tier and the prizes in the tiers 1 to 4 ranging from 20 € to 25.000 €. The total amount of prizes paid out in one series is 649.000 €.

Prize distribution per series

Below you can see the distribution of prizes in one series. In tiers 1 to 4 you can only win with the correct raffle code on your ticket - you need to match all five numbers of the code. In tier 5 you can win by only matching the last digit of your raffle code.

Winning Tier Number of Prizes Single Prize Amount Total Prize Amount in Series Digits Matched Correctly
1 1 €300,000 €300,000 All 5 digits
2 2 €25,000 €50,000 2 x all 5 digits
3 20 €2,500 €50,000 20 x all 5 digits
4 200 €250 €50,000 200 x all 5 digits
5 9,950 €20 €199,000 9.950 x last digit

Chances of Winning

The chances of winning a prize in the Weihnachtslotterie are relatively good when you compare them to other lotteries: The chance of winning the main prize is 1 to 99.500 and overall, every 10th player wins a prize.

You can check the winning codes on the Results page after the draw on the 26th of December 2017.