German Christmas Lottery: Good Causes

The Deutsche Weihnachtslotterie is organised and run by the Navidad Foundation. It is a non-profit organisation which supports disadvantaged young Germans, and their headquarters is based in Cologne. All profits from the lottery go to partners of the Navidad Foundation.

On this page you can find out more about the foundations that you support with your raffle ticket:

Deutsche Kinder- und Jugenstiftung (German Children and Youth Foundation)

Donations to this foundation help children and teenagers that transition from kindergarden to elementary school, to a new grade at school, or into working life. Children with a difficult start in life are supported in order to help give them a fair chance, regardless of whether they were born in the country. The foundation actively supports projects in the education sector in Germany.

Stiftung Lesen (Reading Foundation)

The Stiftung Lesen encourages reading both for children and grown-ups in Germany. With easily accessible programs, the goal is to make it possible for every German to be an informed member of society and to know their rights. The German Federal President is the patron of this foundation.

Lukas Podolski Foundation

The Lukas Podolski Foundation fights child poverty and encourages integration and international understanding. By offering practical and sensible recreational activities, it helps children and teenagers to prepare for working life. The foundation places a great emphasis on sports, where they learn about opportunities and prospects for their futures.

Auma Obama Foundation Sauti Kuu

Sauti Kuu is a foundation that works in both Kenia and Germany to help children achieve independence and self-reliance. Different initiatives support children’s personality development and their education. Sauti Kuu is Kiswahili for “strong voices”.